Launch Date


We are still making some finishing touches to our collections.  We are happy with some of the samples we received from the supplier.  The graphics we made really transferred to the fabric very nicely.  We hope you can see where some of the design inspiration came from. 

We would like you to tell your friends about this new apparel store and we are going to add a resistance bands and accessories with some other equipment to this site.  We want you to be truly physically mighty in keeping up the Temple of the Holy Spirit, and will be putting out some blogs focused on the Word of God concerning physical fitness.  Disclaimer: We are not nutritionists or trainers. Everything we put out is what we do.  You must always consult physicians, trainers, and nutritionists before trying anything out there.  You health is the most important gift of God so take care of it. 

Stay Tuned for Launch Date.

Spread your blessings with others and Keep up Your Temple of the Holy Spirit.


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